Why me?

As a sociologist, a manager and an accountant in one I have a holistic optics of the company  as a whole. I am capable to diagnose problems not only on financial ground but also in the scope of human resources management, organization's culture and its social relation. I can advise on appropriate organizational structure, competence distribution, means of communication, internal control system, employees' motivation and salary politics.

An enterpreneur is not just another tax payer for whom I must keep deadlines for submission of specific tax declarations. Each company is a case study, phenomenon of enterprise with a potential for growth and development. Each grain that rooted in you with an idea of starting own business duly nursed will develop into strong roots of prosperous, fruit-giving enterprise. Synergy of this idea with binding law, fiscal dues and respect to people (employees and social environment) is a key to good, socially responsible business.    


Katarzyna Świtling
Phone.: +48 513 106 797
e-mail: biuro@lex-us.biz