Who am I?

A sociologist out of curiosity, a manager from experience and  an accountant by vocation. My analytical mind, the drive to catch the reality in numbers and my fascination with organizations led my professional career towards accountancy and financial revision.

I am a sociologist from my first degree. Studying was a great time to satisfy my interest in cognitive and evolutionary psychology. Beautiful time of living just for pure pleasure of science and philosophy.

The beginning of my professional career was connected with getting experience in the area of management. As a director of a production plant I graduated from MBA studies held at Nicolas Copernicus University in partnership with Dominican University of Chicago. This period resulted in gaining knowledge in production and human resources management as well as in management accounting.  

My deep interest in accounting  began seven years ago with taking the position of Finance and Accounting Director in a service company. Since then my interest in accounting has turned into a profession with the goal of becoming an expert.

The last stage of my career is a position of Chief Accountant in an auditing company, where I started a qualification process for a candidate for statutory auditor. I have taken part in examination of financial statements under the supervision of a statutory auditor - this has been an invaluable experience to understand thoroughly the matter, aim and accuracy of proper accounting policy of an enterprise. 

My education:

  • 2004 Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Faculty of Humanities, Department of sociology, MA degree  
  • 2005 WSB University in Toruń; Post-graduate studies „Funds and Programmes of European Union”; specialization: European Social Fund
  • 2007 Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń / Chicago Dominican University; Executive Master of Business Administration
  • 2013 Accountant Association in Poland, course of accounting specialist (II degree accounting certificate)
  • 2015 Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, post-graduate studies in accounting 
  • 2015 beginning of a certyfying course for a candidate for a statutory auditor at the National Council of Statutory Auditors


Katarzyna Świtling
Phone.: +48 513 106 797
e-mail: biuro@lex-us.biz