What do I offer?

To small and medium companies I offer:                

In accounting domain:

  • accounting services in Poland
  • keeping of books for tax and accounting purposes,
  • administration of your tax representatives offices in the territory of Poland,
  • representation at Revenue Office and Social Security Office
  • reporting to Main Statistics Office and all other related to external financing (banks, EU programmes),
  • consultancy in accounting management and providing administration tools that support the accounting department,
  • preparing financial statements for audit,
  • accounting in English and French, including all support necessary in financial issues of your business with Polish contractors,
  • management accounting

In HR domain:

  • compilation of salary statutes,
  • employees' evaluation systems,
  • surveys on employees' job satisfaction and diagnosis of problems related to in-group relations

In the domain of enterprise organization:

  • building internal control systems,
  • consultancy in competency structure and relations
  • building office application to management purposes


Not only taxes...

Most of account offices limit their services to creating tax declarations and bookkeeping. As a manager I know how important comprehensive reading of account data is in order to make accurate managerial decisions. Management accounting is a base in company's development - an appropriate selection of data, an adequate analysing model allow to notice  trends, opportunities and threats for the enterprise. Apart from current fulfilling of tax duties I also offer thorough analysis and interpretation of your data to answer crucial questions for future company development, such as whether to start an investment, which products to invest in, where to optimize costs etc.


Katarzyna Świtling
Phone.: +48 513 106 797
e-mail: biuro@lex-us.biz